Best Adjustable Layer Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

The Pancake Pillow – Best Adjustable Layer Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

A Pillow That Makes Difference In Every Layer

Every Layer Makes Difference
Every Layer Makes Difference

You may come across many who prefer sleeping on stomach, irrespective of men or women. Though it might seem comforting, but with time this sleeping posture surfaces several health issues that trouble the whole day and sometimes lasts long. One can suffer from health hazards like lower back pain, strained nerves around shoulders and neck or pains in buttocks and legs that persist long. Besides beset by pains, stomach sleepers may also suffer from heartburn and indigestion. In such cases, best adjustable layer pillow for stomach sleepers can be quite comforting.

Talking about discomforts, they are mainly due to pillow heights that are either too high or too low. And of course, the firmness, as well as soft texture, highly impacts the sleep preference and comfort related to stomach sleeping. At this juncture, Pancake pillows can be a great reliever! It’s a set of six layer adjustable height pillows that can be custom fit and tailored to give you the perfect size you prefer.

While we discuss sleeping postures, let’s have a brief look into the different sleeping postures and their impacts on the body:

  1. Sleeping on BackThough the specialists mark this sleeping posture as the best, yet it is not popularly practiced. A mere 8% sleep on their back. This position is considered the healthiest as sleeping on your back helps your head, neck, and spine repose neutrally. Hence, it exerts no extra pressure on head to spine area, resulting in less possibility of experiencing pain. Moreover, sleeping on back prevents acid reflux. Pancake Pillow can be of great use as you can adjust the pillow height, so as to elevate and support your head to a level that your stomach remains below your esophagus; this would further check food or acid from rising up your digestive tract. But, it is also noticed that snoozing on your back often causes the tongue block the breathing tube. This can be a fatal position for people suffering from sleep apnea. Moreover, this position upturns severe snoring.
  2. Sleeping SidewaysSleeping sideways has your torso and legs lay relatively straight. This position is favored by only 15%. This position too plays an important part in decreasing acid reflux; as spine remains elongated in this posture, it keeps back and neck pain at bay. This position reduces snoring, as it has airways open. As a consequence, this posture also suits people who suffer from sleep apnea. Nonetheless, there remains a downside to it, sleeping sideways gives way to the advent of wrinkles that arise as half of your face stresses against a pillow. Pancake pillow can help in letting the wrinkle issue take a step back. This is because the material filled being fluffy yet firm, helps your face put in less pressure and sounder sleep.
  3. Sleeping In Fetal PositionThis position is widely accepted ranging to a parameter of as high as 41%. In this position, you sleep on your side in a hunch back form with a bent torso and curved knees. It is said to be good for pregnancy is slept on the left side. This pose also wades off snoring. Nonetheless, this position can also have an adverse effect as it may curb breathing in your diaphragm leading to painful back and joints, especially if you are an arthritis patient. Besides straightening out your body or curving yourself more, keep your pancake pillow between your knees; this would result in reduced strain on your hips.
  4. Stomach sleepingBesides the fact that this posture reduces snoring, this posture is famous for all wrong reasons. It is opted by 7% people. As this posture disturbs the spine alignment with the body, back and neck pains are a regular story. Moreover, as the posture demands, one puts pressure on their muscles and joints which lead to numbness, aches, tingling, as well as irritated nerves. When sleeping in this posture, instead of turning your face to one side, you should lie face down so that an upper airway is open. Allow your forehead remain erect on a pillow thereby allowing the room to breathe.

Now One Might Ask, Why the Pancake Pillow Is the Best Adjustable Layer Pillow for Stomach Sleepers?

Coming back to stomach sleepers, one can use specially designed pillows for supporting the head while lying on your tummy at night. Pancake Pillows are one such option that helps in holding the backs or stomach in proper positions. Besides adults, children too are often seen sleeping on their belly leading to a bad posture and with time succumbs to health issues. To ensure their wellness, it is necessary to take care and maintain a good night time spine and neck position. Pancake pillows come in as a rescue to such issues and more, like this pillow is also helpful in reducing snoring in people.
A properly proportioned and designed stomach sleeper pillow can also help people who snore while on their stomachs to avoid health issues associated with breathing difficulties at night.


Let’s have a quick look into what is comprised within the Pancake adjustable pillow:

The pillow measures 26 x 18 x 8 inches in dimension and weighs approximately 10.3 pounds

Six Super Soft Inner Pillow Layers

Adjustable height to perfectly fit everyone
Adjustable height to perfectly fit everyone

It is a set of six soft and fleecy pillows that are layered back-to-back to provide a considerable height. These fleecy pillows bear a direct resemblance to their name as they are stacked like fluffy pancakes in a single cover. One can custom fit the perfect pillow height by adding or subtracting layers to best suit the comfort they desire.

One can also use the extra layers if you wish to custom the height preference or wish to recharge the pillow.

Superior Quality Premium Materials

Pancake pillows are made of 300 Thread Count - 100% Cotton Case that offers a smooth feel of luxury. It is filled with softest down alternative hypo-allergenic puff microfiber. The Pillow Case comes in a 3 sided zippered form that ensures easy open access, further aiding in the adjustment of layers.

A Pillow That Suits Every Preference For the Whole Family

Owing to the multiple sleep preferences of the family members, buying a pillow often becomes a confusing task. Pancake pillows have emerged as a great rescue as it comforts every sleep style and position. Just, adjust its height to perfectly fit every sleep preference!

A Pillow With A Standing Difference And Design

The makers wanted to make it an ultra-luxury product weaved with premium thread count cotton. It is also entwined with comfy soft fill pillow materials that are sure to please all. Pancake Pillow ensures nothing but restful sleep.

Product Quality

Pancake Pillows, steadfastly produce top-quality pillows designed to offer the relaxation and comfort the way you prefer giving your money the best value. The company holds a strong reputation and hence is extra cautious to ensure customer satisfaction and offer best possible customer service. They are easy to get in touch, in case you come across any kind of issues or seek advice regarding sleeping posture. They offer rational assurances ensuring you a happy purchase.

How Pancake pillows score better?

100% Cotton Case for smooth luxury feel
100% Cotton Case for smooth luxury feel

Pancake pillows have emerged to be an ultimate stomach sleeper pillow, highly in demand amongst people who wishes to have the perfect fit which is also customizable for guests or all your family members who wish to use the pillow.

It is not comprised of single core pad; rather pancake pillow’s inner chamber is stacked with six soft, luxurious microfiber sections. It is well adjustable by the facility to add or remove as required for the perfect sleeping position. The other striking features of the pancake adjustable pillow include:

  • 300 count cotton woven exterior casing designed for machine-wash
  • Hypo-allergenic microfiber interior designed to breathe and maintain the pillow at a temperature for a comfortable night
  • Extra storage bag enough to room three or more unused interior layers
  • They are highly comforting for airplane travel as well

Stomach Sleeping Health hazards

Stomach sleeping is infamous for its straining impact on your back and spine. The reason lies in the middle part of your body that carries most of your weight. It results in difficulty in maintaining a neutral spine position while at sleep. The stress imposed on the spine leads to stress on entire body structure. Moreover, owing to the fact that spine leads to nerves, spinal stress can result in body pain, tingling and numbness among several other side-effects.

In stomach sleeping, twisting your neck adds to the suffering as it messes with the alignment of your head and spine. Hence with time, regular neck pain can form a routine.

The neck problem again cannot be taken easily as it can lead to a herniated disk. This happens when one of your spinal vertebrae takes enough turn to split the internal gelatinous disk. If the gel starts leaking, it can vex the nerves.

But the issue lies in habit. At times even after being well aware of the adverse effects, out of habit one cannot change the sleeping posture and continues to sleep on belly. Here, Pancake pillows can be of help to you in avoiding most of the potential impediments:

  1. Advice: Do not use a pillow or a thin pillow can be allowed. The cause behind it is, the slimmer is the pillow, and less is the angle formed with your head and neck.Pancake Pillow: you can use a single or double layer of the set as per convenience. It's firm yet soft make helps in spinal structure correction.
  2. Advice: Use a pillow right under your pelvis. This helps in letting your back maintain a more neutral position, thereby keeping the pressure at safe distance from your spine.Pancake Pillow: Owing to the six layers that the pillow is comprised of, you can use as less layer needed from the stack of six. Keeping under the said part can help in better posture position that keeps back in right position. Comfort should be the final call.
  3. Advice: Exercise like stretching at dawn, can prove beneficial. It not only strengthens the supporting muscles but also aids in maintain the body back alignment. But remember to warm up a bit before you head for stretching and of course, start slowly!Pancake Pillow: Pancake pillow cannot substitute exercise and its impact but yes, can certainly ensure a better sleep at night!

A Negligible Hitch

With all the exceptional advantages that pancake pillow come with, there is a negligible drawback to this pillow. Its layers do not contain a fill of memory foam pad, though the microfiber used instead offers a solid support system which upholds the added cooling element offering required comfort and relaxation. Nevertheless, it holds an added advantage of its being usable for the entire family, thereby taking it a step further as a worthy choice when buying pillows.

You need to ponder just a while to make your choice for the right pillow that supports your posture both for stomach sleeping of back sleeping. You won’t regret the time spent, as the product is worth the effort, as it allows you to experience a highly relaxing sleep throughout the night. No matter which posture of sleep suits you better, there are a broad variety of choices; nevertheless Pancake adjustable pillows would definitely prove right for your style of sleeping and keep up to the comfort level you seek. So whichever posture you may prefer while sleeping, the height adjusting layer of soft yet firm pillows are a choice you won’t repent.

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