SleepBetter ISO Cool Pillow: Best cooling pillow ever

The Best Cooling Pillow Ever

An Earnest Review of the SleepBetter Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

SleepBetter ISO Cool Pillow: Best cooling pillow ever
SleepBetter ISO Cool Pillow: Best cooling pillow ever

As a side sleeper, it has always been a challenge to find a good pillow. I needed a pillow that was firm enough to support my spine while being soft enough to cradle my head. For years I would be forced to choose between not sleeping enough because it felt as if I was sleeping on a rock, or waking up with immense neck pains due to not having enough support. Then I came across the best cooling pillow ever, best pillow for side sleepers. I received my SleepBetter Iso-Cool Memory Gusseted Side Sleeper from my wife who got sick of my nightly tossing and turning. Since getting this pillow I am getting better sleep than I have gotten a while.

This pillow has the dimensions of 16X22X2 inches, which is deceptive. The Gusseted Side Sleeper pillow expands in the center to be about 5.5" thick. By designing this pillow to be its thickest in the center to offer optimum support for the head and gently cradle the neck. It does all this while maintaining enough pressure to support the spine. SleepBetter makes this mattress in the United States with 100% cotton and patented Iso-Cool technology.

Surprisingly this pillow is able to provide dynamic heat management. Outlast Adaptive Comfort material is a specially patented phase change material. This fabric is a body heat detection polymer that either absorbs heat when there is an excessive amount and the opposite when in cooler temperatures. By regulating heat this way, the Iso-Cool technology makes this pillow perfect for any season any room temperature. Science talk aside, the SleepBetter Iso-Cool pillows regulate the temperature of your pillow throughout the night so users do not need to be constantly flipping their pillows. The phase change material makes it the best cooling pillow available on the market.

SleepBetter employs a special micro elastic memory foam which is the reason this pillow both supports but contours to and remembers sleeper's heads and contours. So regardless of age, weight or medical conditions users are guaranteed to experience adequate support for a good nights sleep. As mentioned before this pillow has a collapsible thickness of 5.5 inches and is another reason for the superb softness provided by the Iso-Cool Memory Foam pillow. Studies have shown that this height is the optimal height for head support for not only side sleepers, but back sleepers as well. Regardless of sleeping habits, this pillow has been engineered to offer unparalleled support and comfort.

Why I call it the best cooling pillow ever?

The gusseted sides and special dimensions are a unique feature that was specially made for side sleepers. The thinner edges with added support are adept in offer support in the awkward positions that side sleepers often lie in. At only 2, inches thick the edges are able to easily slide between the arms and head. As a side sleeper myself I often find it difficult to achieve these results with typical down filled pillows or other memory foam pillows. That makes this one of the most versatile and best pillows for side sleepers.

No matter what sleep position people may sleep in, it is unavoidable that the head will sweat. By employing a 300 thread count cover with the Iso-Cool memory foam pillow, it is assured that there is adequate fabric to absorb this excess. Not only does that provide a more comfortable sleeping experience but it also protects the memory foam. By ensuring the moisture does not reach the memory foam, the case protects from degradation. If one couples this with a pillow case as well, the SleepBetter Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow will last for years.

The zippered case employed on the SleepBetter Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow allows for easy pillow removal when it comes time for cleaning. The memory foam is machine washable and thus can be put in the washing machine with the rest of the bedding. However that it optional because the zippered case protects from dust and dirt particles penetrating the pillow. The zipper is well hidden behind folds of fabric to ensure that it does not interrupt sleep.

The only drawback of this pillow was that it is not very bouncy. When laying one's head on the pillow, the head does sink into the pillow. Switching from a down-filled pillow, this was a bit of a transition as I found this to be an awkward and uncomfortable at first. This was easily overcome by the end of the first week of using SleepBetter's gusseted design memory foam. Since my body made this adjustment I am sleeping soundly.

On a scale, I would have to rate the SleepBetter Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow a strong 4.75 / 5 Stars. The dimensions of this pillow make it easy to manipulate for even the most awkward of sleeping positions. The memory foam makes this pillow very comfortable. The combination of the gusseted sides, optimized thickness, and micro elastic technology maintain the support that is necessary for a great night's sleep. These pillows come in a set of two in case one is needed for a partner or it can be kept as a replacement pillow down the road. There was only one reason that this pillow did not receive a perfect score was because of the initial transition period. This is not entirely the fault of the pillow, so the deduction was minimal.

After a thorough review of the SleepBetter Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow, I would have to say that it is probably the best cooling pillow ever, best pillow for side sleepers. As someone who spends a majority of my time at a desk writing or in front of a computer typing, I experience a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders. Since beginning using the Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow by SleepBetter the pain has significantly subsided. Not only that my efficiency has increased as well. I am able to spend longer sessions writing. Not to mention that sleeping better has increased my energy levels enabling me to spend more time playing with my kids. I can think of a few people I'll be getting one for. It really is a great pillow for anyone.

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