Best Inflatable Neck Pillow

Best Inflatable Neck Pillow

Sleep and Rest While Travelling with AirComfy's Daydreamer Neck Pillow

AirComfy Push-Button Inflatable Daydreamer neck pillow
AirComfy Push-Button Inflatable Daydreamer neck pillow

Choosing the best inflatable neck pillow is as important for sleep and health as any other aspect of life – from the mattress one sleeps on to the food he or she consumes on a daily basis. A stiff or sore neck can damage health and cause problems in business meetings and daily professional life. Moreover, if someone is recovering from neck injuries or even a surgical intervention, then maintaining a healthy position of the neck while sleeping is vital. Sleeping in an uncomfortable position on the plane, in the car or simply having the wrong posture at the office can cause more harm to the injured person. Unfortunately, not many have the luxury of recovering and relaxing home. That’s why a cervical pillow can be a life saver for many.

Why Pillow Matters Today

Today, people are busier than ever, and with business being done on a global level, airline companies have increased the number of flights each day, all year long. Maintaining good health in today’s business environment is vital for success. That’s why the hours spent for sleep are as important as those spent building business plans and attending meetings. One place where busy people use to take their revitalizing slumber is the plane, and although it might look as the ideal place to refresh forces, sleeping on the plane can leave one with a stiff or sore neck. That’s why we believe it is important to choose the best inflatable neck pillow available.

There are many things to take into consideration when purchasing a cervical pillow. Not only that people need to think about their personal needs and comfort, but also about things such as storage. That’s why we believe that the best inflatable neck pillow today is the AirComfy Push-Button Inflatable Daydreamer Neck Pillow (We will short it as AirComfy Daydreamer Neck Pillow below), and we have our reasons to believe that this is so.

The Features of the Best Inflatable Neck Pillow Available Today

Contoured neck support design give neck very solid support
Contoured neck support design give neck very solid support

When they were designing it, the team who manufactured the AirComfy Daydreamer Neck Pillow have taken into consideration what any busy business person, for whom his or her sleep during a flight is crucial. In fact, several subjects had been asked to test the pillow before it was released on the market.

Obviously, what most people are looking into a neck pillow is that it should be comfortable and adjustable for anyone and for any situation. Unlike memory-foam pillows, the AirComfy Daydreamer Neck Pillow is filled with air by using the most efficient technology available today for deflating and inflating. This way, the user can adjust inflation level as he or she prefers. It takes less than 60 seconds to inflate the pillow, and only a couple of seconds to deflate it. Moreover, mouth blowing isn’t required with this pillow. The user can inflate and deflate the pillow by pushing on the built-in pump. Thus, time will be saved and the user will have a comfortable pillow effortlessly.

Coutoured Neck Support

Besides the commodity of having a comfortable pillow on the plane – or anywhere else for that matter – what makes the AirComfy Daydreamer Neck Pillow the best inflatable neck pillow available is its contoured support. People need to get comfortable on the plane, and this pillow can make anyone as comfortable as he or she needs. The raised arch of this neck pillow manages to hold the head upright, taking the stress of the neck and shoulders. Having ergonomics in mind, those who designed this pillow have managed successfully to create the best inflatable neck pillow for traveling, as well as for relaxing at home.

One of the biggest problems with carrying a pillow on a plane – and this goes for the office and car as well – concerns spacing. Nobody wants to carry extra luggage with them, especially when traveling long distances. This is probably the best advantage of inflatable neck pillows – as opposed to memory foam ones – the user can pack it and unpack it, being able to carry less when traveling or using the extra space for more luggage. Also, the pillow comes with a satin-luxury package, an aesthetical accessory for transporting the neck pillow. It helps protect and make compact you pillow.

Last but not least, the issue of cleaning the pillow concerns everybody. If constantly used, the pillow becomes dirty. The neck pillow comes with a washable pillow case. It's soft, the micro-velvet pillowcase is easy to remove and launder. This way, the user can always enjoy a relaxing sleep on a fresh and clean pillow.

Some Cons About the Best Inflatable Neck Pillow

It offers nice and sound comfort when you are on trip
It offers nice and sound comfort when you are on trip

Although it comes with many great features, this pillow has faced some criticisms from users. If some of them are justified, other can be resolved with some simple tricks and solutions.

One user brought up that the pillow is “not fit for large men.” This client, probably corpulent, has had some comfort difficulties that he thought were cause by the neck pillow. While taller and larger persons usually encounter problems on planes and vehicles, the problems this man had were most likely caused by the size of the plane or chair. As we mentioned, the neck pillow can be quickly adjusted to each size and shape. Probably, the problem lay in the services offered by the airline company.

Another similar problem was brought up by another user of the pillow. He claimed that while fully blown, the pillow had become uncomfortable. Of course, each individual is unique and has his or her personal needs. That’s why the fact that one can adjust the pillow easily makes it the best inflatable neck pillow. Nobody needs to blow it to its maximum capacity unless that’s what makes the user feel comfortable.

Another client has claimed that the pillow had deteriorated quickly, only after a few uses while traveling for business purposes. This is indeed a serious complaint. The neck pillow is made out of quality materials for it to resist for many uses, for a long period of time. In this case, this was probably a manufacturing problem. The client surely has received a new, functioning pillow after he had addressed this issue to the company.

Concluding Remarks

Compact and of quality fabric, the AirComfy Daydreamer Neck Pillow has to be the best inflatable neck pillow available today on the market. Many people -- who are busy and have to travel long distances around the world -- are satisfied with the way the pillow supports their neck and lower back while taking their needed rest on a busy airplane.

The AirComfy Daydreamer Neck Pillow helps maintain a comfortable position anywhere, while, at the same time, disposing of the latest technological advances in inflating.

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