best pillow for migraines

Best Pillow for Migraines

Best Memory Pillow for Migraines Victims

Elite Rest Contour Memory Foam Pillow - best pillow for migraines
Elite Rest Contour Memory Foam Pillow - best pillow for migraines

Migraines are hard to live with under every circumstance, more so when you are attempting to get off to rest. In the event that you are adversely affected by a migraine and you are experiencing difficulty in sleeping, it may be a great opportunity to change your pillow. Having the best pillow for migraines can be a modest arrangement for you to have a good night sleep.

Memory foam pillows have picked up hugely in prevalence over a long while. They are shaped to enable back, spine and neck support. These pillows have turned to a popular option for migraines sufferers. I will give you a detailed run-down that helps you in to have the necessary knowledge when you are considering to go and buy the best pillow for migraines. A few people require firm pillow support to have sufficient neck and back support for alignment. Memory foam pillows do form well, yet can be less strong than down pillows.

But before we get into details about the best pillow for migraines, let us first learn about migraines so that we can have a sound understanding.

We can define a headache migraine as an aftereffect of particular changes in the mind. It causes extreme head pain that is regularly joined by sensitively to sound, light or odors. There are different types of headaches that can likewise cause extreme pain, however, not all migraines will cause headaches. There are numerous treatment choices on the off chance that you have a migraine. Medications are used, to treat a migraine yet a few cures and treatments that actually don't utilize medicine one of them is using the best pillow for migraines.

How Best Pillow for Migraines Can Help?

Research has shown that when the nerves in the upper side of your neck are irritated, they can bring pain in your head and face, brow, temples and behind the eyes. Pressure or irritations that influence these nerves can activate a headache migraine. This can happen from the reduced resting stance or sleep over an unsatisfactory pillow. A best pillow for migraines is one that retains your vertebrae in its correct and natural position, limiting any nerve agitations and protecting your long-term spinal wellbeing and can help you to reduce the pain that comes with migraine.

According to the Sleep Council organization, the best pillow for migraines should clamp your head in the correct position – that is, in a position that it would be if you are upright with good posture. The degree of support needed is different for everyone. One that is too soft will allow your head to fall back, placing pressure on your neck, while a pillow that is too hard will leave you stiff.

Is There Any Pillow Suitable for All Migraine Sufferers?

Elite Rest countour memory foam pillow has PREMIUM SUPPORT
Elite Rest countour memory foam pillow has PREMIUM SUPPORT

The answer is not that simple – It's anything but easy to make the contention that there truly is the best pillow for migraines. Everyone out there has his or her decision with regards to migraine pillow choice. The majority of us have distinctive sleeping patterns and needs with regards to both mattresses and pillows. However, this does not mean there is no fit-for-all pillow that can help almost everyone for that case. There is a pillow out there that is of substantially better in quality than the run of the mill retail pillow one pillow with all qualities any migraine sufferers can look out for, the only best pillow for migraines. This pillow you will not find as you are strolling through the walkways of a mass discount store on your daily grocery run.

One of the greatest pillows I have ever used is Contour Memory Foam Pillow by Elite Rest. This is a neck pain aid and orthopedic pillow. It is a Perfect option best pillow for migraines where it supports your Neck and Spine to lower sleeping problems. The pillow performs pleasurable and promotes good sleep for back, stomach and side sleepers. Although some memory foam pillows I have used convey a slight chemical smell, this pillows checks that odor using a minty fragrance. These pillows are soft as compared to many memory foam pillows but then again it is outlined with a frame for your neck. In spite of the fact that it's simple, it gives sufficient support, and it retains its shape. There are additionally ventilation gaps in the cushion to keep it dry and chilly, and the casing is 100 percent polyurethane.

About Contour Memory Foam Pillow by Elite Rest

You might ask what makes Contour Memory Foam Pillow by Elite Rest the best pillow for migraines. Why is it suitable for everyone?

This pillow have a good material that enhances comfortability and safety like the one used by space travelers on a space flight. It is made in a manner that you can give or push back any place you want to.

The pillow is 20 inches Long and 12 inch with a Stature shape from 2.75inch to 4inch.

The cover can be expelled and goes through any clothes washer

A Spot for Each Sleeper Who have low-end high-lofts, there is a place for each sleeper regardless of the position you sleep on (i.e. Back, stomach or side). The unusual shape gives a good one-pillow-fits-all which makes it the best pillow for migraines.

Contour Memory Foam Pillow by Elite Rest Pros

Contour Memory Foam Pillow being the best pillow for migraines has a few of pros. The pros are shape and contour, support and snappy break in periods. Let’s look at this pros in details.

  • Shapes: Contour Memory Foam Pillow comes with a great way. This takes into consideration an entirely adjustable sleeping position. This pillow can be formed to create the neck and a correct thin format which takes into account stomach and back sleepers.
  • The Scent: Contour Memory Foam Pillow is a human-made synthetic. It does not have any chemical odor as compared to other memory foam pillows. (Where a minty fragrance counteracts the scent.)
  • Support: Contour Memory Foam Pillow gives an excellent help for the form and shape that they are made of. This pillow offers excellent support to help in easing of a migraine and aid in blood flowing into your head and supports appropriate spine arrangement for neck torment alleviation.
  • Fast Break in Period: Contour Memory Foam Pillow normally has a break in time of 1-2 weeks. This is a considerably less time duration than other pillows and motivates you to sleep comfortably with your pillow in a faster time span.
  • Firmness: Contour Memory Foam Pillow is infamous for being a firm cushion although not that firm as compared to other memory foam pillows. As said earlier, this is more critical for migraine sufferers to keep to help them have enough sleep. It's likewise suitable for individuals with neck and shoulder pain. Sleeping with this pillow when you are suffering from a migraine is like having something that has a soft “vibe” when it's extraordinarily thin, would be fundamentally similar to sleeping over an additional cover.

Contour Memory Foam Pillow by Elite Rest Cons

Elite Rest contour memory foam pillow has TOP ERGONOMICS
Elite Rest contour memory foam pillow has TOP ERGONOMICS

Despite this pillow being the best pillow for migraines it has a few disadvantages. But I believe that the advantages far exceed the downsides. let us look at the cons of the pillow.

  • The heat: Contour Memory Foam pillow is not that good in ousting heat from it. This pillow is made of a thick material that won't get rid of heat. When you sleep with the pillow, and there is a good air circulation you can enjoy a good night sleep, but when there is no a favorable condition you might have a restless sleep.
  • Durability: Contour Memory Foam Pillow is marginally not all that durable when contrasted with others. It is lighter and is mainly formed to fit a particular shape. This doesn't take into consideration a ton of flexibility and pillows that are manhandled should be replaced in two or three years.
  • The Cost:  Contour Memory Foam Pillow by Elite Rest can cost marginally more than other pillows. While this pillow is a good pillow for migraine sufferers, they are more costly than many other pillows for migraine victims.
  • Cleaning: this pillows cannot be washed, or be steamed, the only thing you can clean on is its cover. This is a nice choice for migraine sufferers that ca not be laundered. The best way is to spot clean any stain, preferably when they happen, and use a pillow case to prolong its lifetime.

Customers Experience

“Let me start by saying that best pillow for migraines. I have tried many pillows and I always forced to come back to Contour Memory Foam Pillow. Tried many suggested contour memory foam pillows, but nothing beats this pillow, this is the best pillow for migraines I have ever rested on. I can say that this pillow is a firm pillow, but it supports your neck without a glitch giving the right amount of the support you need. Mostly, I am a back sleeper and at times a side sleeper. The pillow is impeccable for both sides. I also love the point that this pillow is not that high to stress my neck. Where when you place down your head on the Pillow you don’t need to put it greater than its size. This pillow has helped me where I have been struggling with my neck for a long time, mainly when I try to sleep. But since the purchase and using the pillow, I now have an easier time to rest my head and have a better sleep. My husband and I are now having a better time before and after sleep on this pillows. I usually wake up with no back pains or migraines at all no sleepless nights due to headaches or anything. I would often think that I was a fool not to have purchased this pillow a decade ago. Anyone who is suffering from migraines like back or neck pain due to bad sleeping problems. Do not hesitate to look for this best pillow for migraines. I can promise In other words; you will not have any other pillow like Contour Memory Foam Pillow by Elite Rest. The pillow has the best quality you can ever look for. Your sleep will develop, and headaches, unsteadiness, and sore neck will significantly abridge from extremely to niggling to a point where there will be no need of pain killers.”


If I could shout from the housetops the amount I adore this pillow, I would, aside from I'm awkward, and would most likely tumble off said housetop. It is best pillow for migraines if not the only one. This is all that any migraine sufferers need in a pillow, and it feels so lavish. It's unquestionably one of the priciest pillows on this rundown, however for me, it's justified, despite all the trouble. Since memory foam pillow has a robust odor and you need to put it to another room for a couple of evenings before utilizing but Contour Memory Foam Pillow by Elite Rest does not. The thickness bolsters my head at directly the correct level as a back sleeper, and joined with my adjustable foam bedding. I feel like I am in paradise. It's really the one top- best pillow for migraines on all of Amazon, and I can identify any reason why.

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