Buckwheat Pillow for Neck Pain

Buckwheat Pillow for Neck Pain

Buckwheat Pillow for Neck Pain: an All-American Product for Everybody

Comfycomfy buckwheat pillow
Comfycomfy buckwheat pillow

The perfect pillow might not exist but if we were to talk about the pillow that comes closest to perfection, then the ComfySleep buckwheat pillow for neck pain would surely come in first place. Today, there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of pillow products available in stores and online, but nothing – at least we believe, and we think that you will agree with us after you will try this pillow – can compete with this one. This all-American pillow is filled with organic buckwheat hulls that will surely make a difference for your neck in the long term. We can assure you that after you have finished reading this article, you will be convinced to try out the best buckwheat pillow for neck pain, an all-American product designed for Americans who are looking to get a good night’s sleep.

Many suffer from stiff and pain necks due to poor sleeping or medical conditions. That’s why a wide industry of medical pillow has developed in the last decades. What makes some pillows stand out from their competitors is their fillings, design, as well as materials used when crafting. If you have gone to a chiropractor or your physician recently, because your neck pain was worsening each day, you might have been advised to use a memory foam pillow. While memory foam pillows have been beneficial for those who suffer from neck and shoulder pains, there are better alternatives which will help anyone reveal neck pain and sleep well.

Comfy Buckwheat Pillow: Some General Features of a Great Pillow

Not many people have heard about buckwheat pillows. In fact, not even most of those who are conscious about the need of a comfortable pillow had heard about such pillows. Although not the most popular on today’s market, buckwheat pillows have been popular in Asian for a long time and are starting to gain more popularity in North America.

Buckwheat pillow benefits are well-known by people in the industry, and just like any such pillow, the ComfySleep Buckwheat pillow is:

  • Comfortable
  • Moldable
  • Supportive

The main feature of such pillows consists in their fillings. Most of the times, such pillows are filled with organic buckwheat hulls. This filling makes these pillows to be some of the most comfortable in the world. In fact, if you search for buckwheat pillow reviews, you will find, in most cases, positive feeds about its softness. That’s because unlike other materials, hulls manage to adjust to the head’s shape in no time, adjusting the pillow to the user’s size and head shape.

Mold according to the person’s personal needs
Mold according to the person’s personal needs

Here, molding place a central role for the ComfySleep Buckwheat Pillow comfort, and it should play every time someone decides to purchase a new pillow. The pillow needs to mold and maintain the shape of the user’s head in order to enhance one’s sleeping experience. Adjusting in the best possible way to one’s shape, neck injuries are easily prevented, and the user will get enough sleep to start the next day fresh and full of energy.

The fact that the pillow can mold according to the person’s personal needs, confers the last important feature of a buckwheat pillow: supportiveness. By molding the way it should to the neck of the user, the needed support will be gained. That’s why it is believed the buckwheat pillow is the best choice when it comes to neck pain.

Thus, if anyone is asking “are buckwheat pillows good?” then one can talk about these 3 buckwheat pillow benefits. Given all these advantages of a buckwheat pillow for neck pain, it comes to no surprise that these pillows are becoming more popular outside of Asia, including the United States. That’s how ComfyComfy has decided to take the lead in the market and create the best buckwheat pillow for neck pain.

Comfysleep Buckwheat Pillow: The Best Buckwheat Pillow for Neck Pain

ComfyComfy is one of the main manufacturers of buckwheat-hull pillows, and they pride themselves on producing all-American pillows for the American looking to make the most out of his or her sleep.

Why are buckwheat pillows good? And why is this considered an all-American pillow? The fact that it uses only organic materials produced in the USA should be a pretty straightforward answer of why this pillow is considered to be an all-American product. Besides, add the fact that ComfyComfy is an all American small company, and the pillow starts to get the flavor of the American dream.

The buckwheat hulls used for its filling, as well as the cotton for the cover, are 100% organic. The hulls and cotton are grown and harvest in the USA by cooperative farmers. The fact that it uses buckwheat and its American makes this pillow a unique product that anyone should purchase.

Main Advantages of the ComfySleep Buckwheat Pillow for Neck Pain

What are the main advantages that make this pillow stand out from the competition, and what makes it a must for anyone who doesn’t wish to wake up in the morning with a stiff neck or neck pains?

Filled with USA-grown buckwheat hulls
Filled with USA-grown buckwheat hulls

The filling makes the pillow moldable, thus ensuring users that the shape is not lost after not using the pillow for some time. This makes the pillow adjustable to anyone, no matter what size the person has or what is the person’s sleeping position. The buckwheat hulls will always adjust to the sleepers needs. Here, we need to point out an important aspect of the ComfySleep Buckwheat Pillow: it should never be filled to its maximum capacity. If someone uses all the buckwheat hulls, then the pillow loses its moldability. That’s why the pillow should be filled at most to 80% of its volume. This way, the pillow will always offer firm support to any user out there.

This is the reason why the ComfySleep Buckwheat pillow comes in the size that it comes. It is designed so as to fit anyone no matter what his or her size and sleeping position are. Also, since the pillow can become heavier as more filling is being added, keeping it at these dimensions was considered the best choice by the ComfyComfy crew. There have been some complaints about the pillow’s hardness and weight – and not only with this pillow, but buckwheat pillows in general – from users who have used too much filling. As mentioned earlier, it’s best to not fill the pillow to its maximum capacity. Unless you are a person with broad shoulders, we advise that you fill the pillow with less than 80% of its capacity.

You might be wondering how long do buckwheat pillows last. Such pillows can last for up to 10 years.

Some Other Benefits of the ComfySleep Buckwheat Pillow for Neck Pain

Besides being moldable and supportive, some other buckwheat pillow benefits, in general, and of the ComfySleep buckwheat pillow, in particular, account for hygiene and coolness.

The materials used to craft a buckwheat pillow make it the best options for those who take hygiene aspects into consideration. If you are living in an area where bugs and insects are a common problem, then a ComfySleep buckwheat pillow is the right option to choose. Simply, insects are not attracted to buckwheat hulls and cotton. Unlike with other traditional fillings, such problems become history when using a buckwheat one.

Also, the organic materials represent a plus for those who suffer from various allergies. When it comes to allergies, buckwheat pillow side effects are absent. Unlike, for example, memory foam, which is known for being a great sleeping people but not the best choice for allergy sufferers, organic hulls and cotton are allergy free. Thus, you will have an ecological pillow that will prevent allergies. So, if you know that not any material will do for an 8-hour sleep, then the ComfySleep buckwheat pillow is just what you need.

Last but not least, it is a known fact that cotton doesn’t retain heat. For some people, this constitutes a problem. As the area around the head gets warmer, many find sleeping discomforting. The great thing about a cotton cover and buckwheat hulls filling is that heat is not retained. That’s why the pillow is recommended for those who live in areas where heat is unbearable not even at late hours during the night.

These are some of the other buckwheat pillow benefits. Before we end discussing the advantages of the buckwheat pillow for neck pain, we want to share one last trick recommended by experts in the industry. The user can put the pillow in the freezer if he or she doesn’t think that the pillow is cool enough. By letting it around 1 hour in cold temperatures, anyone can have a cooler pillow for quality sleep.

Review from an American Client Who Has Found an All-American Solution for His Neck Problem

Mr. Brian Douglas, of Huston, Texas, has inherited the family business from his father. Like many Texans, he owns a ranch right outside the crowded Texan metropolis. While we assume – and in this case correctly – that Texans are skilled people in growing animals, it doesn’t mean that the tasks are easy.

Taking care of animals means a lot of work, work that requires the best recovery. That’s why Mr. Douglas has suffered some neck and shoulder pains in the past years. The lack of the rest has made recovery hard for him. That’s why he decided to take action and ordered the ComfySleep buckwheat pillow for neck pain.

"I told my physician that my neck hurts, that every morning I wake up with a stiff neck. My work, and thus my family business, was affected, and I needed to find a solution quickly,"

said Mr. Brian.

“My doctor recommended that I should improve my sleep. So I had to invest in a quality mattress and a pillow."

Like most Texans, Mr. Brian is an American patriot. That’s why he firmly believes that if an American solution works, then you should take that solution.

“One of my employees recommended me to try a buckwheat pillow. He said that his family has been crafting them for generations and that there’s a small, American company that produces the best buckwheat pillow for neck pain in America,”

continued the man.

Of course, Mr. Brian asked, what is a buckwheat pillow? After doing some research about the buckwheat pillow benefits and verifying if they are truly crafted in the USA by using American materials, he decided to order on for himself on Amazon. The buckwheat pillows reviews he had found convinced him to purchase it.

“I like the pillow’s filling because it really helps the head and neck adjust to their right position. It seems that the material really molds just the way I want to, and, I suppose, that’s why my head keeps cool during the night. Ever since I started using this pillow, I have been getting more quality sleep and my neck pains are almost gone. First, I was skeptical about the pillow’s size, it didn’t seem to be like the kind of pillow for a large person. But it is just enough for anyone to adjust it the way they want to,”

ended the man.

Comfy Buckwheat Pillow for Neck Pain: an All-American Solution for Your Sleeping Problems

Made with durable organic cotton
Made with durable organic cotton

Buckwheat pillows have been a home-made sleeping accessory for many Americans, and ever since the pillow has become popular, small companies such as Comfycomfy have decided to produce them for people all over North America.

Not the cheapest but not the most expensive pillow out there, it represents an investment for anyone who wishes to improve his or her sleep, as well as for people who suffer from neck pain or any other pain caused by bad sleeping.

An organic product, it’s made out of buckwheat hulls and cotton produced by American farmers. The material is all natural, managing to keep bugs and heat away so that anyone can have a good sleep.

Having a hidden zipper, anyone can add or remove a number of buckwheat hulls in the filling. This is what makes the pillow moldable, comfortable, and supportable for anyone, no matter the size or sleeping position.

That’s why the pillow from ComfyComfy is surely the best buckwheat pillow for neck pain available in the country.

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