Sleep for Success Back Sleeper Pillow Review

Sleep For Success Back Sleeper Pillow Review

A Choice for Sound Sleep and Success That Follows

Sleep for Success Back Sleeper
Sleep for Success Back Sleeper

A sound sleep upholds a sound mind. A little lack of regular sleep can change the day for you. A good sleep is capable of wiping off the entire day’s tiredness of your body and mind. And what can be more comforting for your sleep than the pillow you rest your head on. Most of us do not hesitate to invest a little more for a better and cozier pillow or bed accessories that ensure ultimate comfort after a long and hectic day. If you happen to be one of us, continue reading this sleep for success back sleeper pillow review - This Dr. Mass certified pillow can be well considered for a perfect sleeping option. You can choose the size that best fits your sleeping requirements, king or queen.

Sleep for Success Back Sleeper Pillow Review: Quality/Material Used

This exceptional pillow is an effective alternative for back and stomach sleepers. It comes in 50% cotton Damask woven stripe cover. Moreover, it comprises of natural fill TENCEL Lyocell fibers. This fiber is produced out of eucalyptus tree extracts. The extracts are blended to form the fabric and fill intended for optimal moisture absorption. It is also effective in temperature management enabling a comfortable night's sleep.


Below is a brief view of the special features of the sleep for success king size pillow for back and stomach sleepers:

  • Provides medium support
  • Offers10-year manufacturer's warranty
  • 50% cotton Damask woven stripe cover
  • 400 thread count50% TENCEL Lyocell
  • 100% Naturelle™ fill
  • Can be Machine washed
  • Available in Standard/Queen or King sizes
  • King size pillow measures 18" W x 34" L with 2" gusset; whereas, standard or queen size comes in 18" W x 26" L with 2" gusset.
    Design That Has Brought A Marked Difference In Sleeping

Sleep for success pillows are designed with an aim to suit the way you are used to sleep and rest. Dr. Maas through his extensive research has developed products that help in minimizing sleep interruptions. The products are made of a temperature regulating materials that provide natural moisture management quality.

This pillow by Dr. Maas is a tri-chambered pillow, ideally shaped for back-sleepers. It is laudably designed to provide a soft center chamber that would effectively cradle the head and firm outer chambers that aim to support the neck.

Dr. Mass Pillow for Pain Relief and Sound Sleep: A Brief View on Sleep Posture and Use of Pillow

As this sleep for success back sleeper pillow review suggests, the Sleep for Success Back Sleeper Pillow for is endorsed by Dr. Maas, the highly distinguished sleep researcher, and expert. This Sleep for Success pillow is vastly recommended and uniquely designed for both back and stomach sleepers. Its make and texture are soft and plump, while it maintains the required firmness that well supports the neck in appropriate position. Here’s a little discussion on sleep-related pains and their suggestive measures.

Sleep for Success back sleeper pillow is made of Damask woven stripe cover is 50% cotton 50% TENCEL Lyocell with a 400 thread count
Sleep for Success back sleeper pillow is made of Damask woven stripe cover is 50% cotton 50% TENCEL Lyocell with a 400 thread count

Back pain is a common complain when you wake up, sleeping posture is often largely responsible. One cannot change the long practiced sleeping posture at once but can take corrective external measures. Sleeping on a quality pillow can be the first step to the healing process. Though the back pain is generally not the result of placing your head at night, yet the wrong choice of the pillow can aggravate symptoms or more likely add to your list of pains. New pains like neck pain, headaches, shoulder and arm pain can worsen your relaxation while sleep and keep you awake fighting with the freshly accompanied uneasiness. D Maas’s Sleep for success pillow is quite effective in such cases. Besides the required support for easing back pain, this pillow also helps in maintaining the head and spine alignment but also effective in temperature regulating with an excellent moisture absorbent technology.

You can anytime consider using more than one such pillow, well not just as your head base. You can find some ease from your pack pain by placing this Dr. Maas pillow in between your knees while you sleep on your side or beneath your knees in case you’re a back-sleeper. This positioning of pillow often helps in relieving your lower back by reducing the load imposed.

But, in case you have agonized with cervical spine problems, and you sleep on your back, you can be relieved by an orthopedic pillow. The pillow should have a deeper depression for laying your head and also for additional support placed under your neck. These pillows are so designed, to aid in keeping your spine in alignment.

Whereas, being a stomach sleeper, the thinner pillow would best support your posture. Moreover, to alleviate the lower back pain you can also add a second pillow underneath your stomach. While, if you are a side sleeper, a firmer pillow would serve your purpose well. Such use of the pillow is again helpful in keeping your spine from over curving while at sleep.

Little Disagreements

Besides all the technical aspects that the Dr. Maas pillow qualifies in, it has also garnered some challenges and reproach. People find it a bit overly priced compared to the quality. As mentioned in features, this pillow is washable in washing machines; all remains well until the third or fourth wash when the cover threads start detangling and give a wearied outlook. Moreover, it does not fit normal pillow covers and hence one cannot keep it covered, to avoid it from washed. Some also complain about its fluffiness getting reduced with few weeks of regular use, yet it is highly accepted by most who had given it thumbs up.

The Inference

At the end of this sleep for success back sleeper pillow review, the purpose of a pillow is quite simple; it helps your head and neck remain aligned while you sleep. But shopping for pillows is not as simpler. Going around both in the market and across the internet, you would find options spilling over with immense varieties like down, polyester, latex, memory foam, buckwheat hulls and more. Once you deduce to an option, you get added woes with the terms associated with different brands that describe pillows, as soft, ultra-soft, medium, firm and more. Moreover, mind it, price doesn’t confirm on the performance aspect. Nonetheless, choosing Sleep for Success range king back sleeper pillow won’t let you down, as it is backed by the reliable research and name of Dr. Maas associated with it.

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