Best pillow for side sleepers 2016

Top 10 Best Pillow for Side Sleepers 2016

The Right Pillow for Side Sleepers for a Good Night’s Sleep

Happy New Year every one! Last time we awarded our the Top 10 "Best Pillow for Neck Pain 2016", this time let see the Top 10 "Best Pillow for Side Sleepers 2016"!

It is very important that we select the right pillow when we go to bed. Sleeping is one very important aspect in our whole life, because it is the appropriate quantity of sleep that would give a healthy lifestyle.

Best pillow for side sleepers 2016
Best pillow for side sleepers 2016

The pillow would be your closest partner in bed when you are deep in slumber. Hence taking the right one to bed is very important.
If you are one of the many side sleepers out there, then selecting the best pillow for side sleepers should be high on your priority list.

When you decide to climb onto your bed selecting the best partner is your prerogative and your pillow should match your style.
If you fail to do so, it too would be just like selecting your life partner you could end up with a recurring neck pain never to leave your side again.

Probably with a pillow you could throw it away but with a life partner the process may be a bit more complicated.

Hence selecting the right pillow for a good night’s sleep is just like selecting a good life partner for a happy wedded life.
Both should be good in bed too. If you are to wake up every morning rejuvenated and ready for the umpteen chores you would have to attend during the day.

We should also remember that one third of our lives are spent in bed and having to share it with two that would give you neck pains would not be a good idea.

At different stages in our life we need different quantum of sleep and only then could we have a healthy life. Sleep is very important and a good night’s sleep is much more important.

The perfect pillow for side sleepers

Side sleepers should carefully select their pillows because sleeping on your side tends to keep your head, neck and body at very uncomfortable angles.

It is imperative that when sleeping our bodies which are at rest, needs to support the total weight of it on a small surface area.

Along with it when you are a side sleeper the backbone or spine has to be well aligned right down from the lower head to the back.

The curve of the neck between the shoulder and the ear should be well supported especially in relation to the weight of the side sleeper.

A person with a large neck would need to support his neck well because the weight of the neck could strain the neck muscles and create a neck pain.

proper side sleeping height
proper side sleeping height

There are many appropriate pillows available in the market, to suit every stature and body weight but finding and selecting the best pillow for side sleepers, could be an arduous task.

In habitual side sleepers the distance between the neck and the mattress that they sleep on is greater than those who sleep on their back.

This distance has to be supported efficiently if the side sleeper has to avoid waking up with a neck pain, which is invariably what would happen if the pillow selected is not appropriate.

Side sleepers selecting the wrong pillow would have their neck muscles, sinews and nerves of which there are many stretched and strained.

These sensitive little muscle fibers run through the cylindrical part of our anatomy which we call our neck and if not supported well could be a pain no doubt.

The basic requirement that a side sleeper has to consider is the positioning of the backbone or spine, and the tiny muscle fibers running through our neck.

Any strain caused during sleep would definitely end with a severe neck pain that could be unbearable at best.

side sleepers proper pillow
Side sleeper's proper pillow

Hence finding the best pillow for side sleepers would expend quite a lot of time because it is a very exhaustive exercise and not getting it right would end up with a neck pain.

Which we would all like to avoid at any cost and putting the time and money into it would be a worthwhile cause.

It would be advisable to get all the information you could get on the exact pillow you would want, if you are a side sleeper and have been having a difficult time sleeping uncomfortably lately.

Being armed with all the information you require when you step out to get your perfect pillow would be a blessing because you could be rest assured that you would get a good night’s sleep.

Points to ponder before side sleepers select the right pillow

There are many things to ponder before you really walk out and go to buy the best pillows for side sleepers because if you don’t a comfortable night’s sleep would always evade you.

If you have been suffering from a neck pain and have taken medication for it then you would have some advice from your Doctor on how to select a pillow to suit you.

The pillow you would select should have great loft recovery and must not shift when pressed. It should always retain it’s shape and should be soft when pressed. It should give good support to your head and neck.

A pillow should provide your neck good ventilation and allow a smooth flow of natural air which would prevent your neck area getting wet with sweat.

A sweat wetted pillow is a very common cause for those who sweat profusely at night not due to climatic conditions but due to the constitution of their metabolism.

Another aspect that you should take into consideration is when you buy pillows for children and teens, it should fit their necks well as they are growing up and need to sleep comfortably.

The pillow you would pick up should be versatile too, by providing adequate neck support in any sleeping position because you would not really know how you sleep at night.

Pillows wearing the proud “Made in USA” tag and made of the rich local cotton provides tired necks good comfort and placing your head and neck on one would keep you away from nasty neck pains.

Made in the USA
Made in the USA, Confidence in quality

Finding a pillow with the “Made in USA” would take some searching and laying your hands on one and placing your neck on it when asleep would justify your efforts.

Another important factor to take into account before picking up a pillow from the store is to check if it is “dust mite” resistant and machine washable.

It is also better if you could select a pillow that could be adjusted for firmness and softness, which would provide you with alternatives when you need it.

Those who need specialized neck support, could also opt for pillows filled with high grade Buckwheat hulls. Washed without the use of chemicals or fumigants these pillows are also versatile where you could add or remove the quantity of Buckwheat to suit individual preferences.

High quality fiber would not flat out and finding the right pillow that would have firm fiber within but also soft is what you should be looking in a pillow. It should be machine washable too and keeping it as good as new every time you would wash it.

The pillow that you would finally select should be comfortable to sleep on and should support your neck, head and spine well or it would not have served it’s purpose.

A pillow is a very important part in our daily lives though we always take it for granted and finding the best pillow for side sleepers if you are one should be your top priority.

Pillows should be changed if you are not comfortable with it as persisting to use it could cause severe stress and strain on the neck and create nasty pains in the neck and back.

The Top 10 Best Pillow for Side Sleepers 2016

We have compiled the Top Ten best pillows that are ideal for the use of side sleepers. They have the ability to provide a good night’s sleep to you and let you wake up in the following morning with a refreshed body and mind.

There are some great brands and studying them and selecting one would give you years of comfortable sleep.

# 10 -- Original Bamboo Smart SOFT Memory Foam Pillow

Original Bamboo SmartSOFT Memory Foam Pillow
Original Bamboo SmartSOFT Memory Foam Pillow

This is a pillow highly recommended by Doctors who have the experience of treating patients with recurring neck pains. It is also manufactured from high grade materials that make it ideal for side sleepers with allergic reactions to some materials.

This pillow is hypoallergenic and helps keep away allergic reactions and provides the side sleepers comfortable nights of sleep.

This pillow can be adjusted to exactly suit your way of sleeping by adding or removing the amount of Bamboo blend Memory Foam. The zipper helps you in the task and makes it easier to adjust anytime you want.

It is also self cooling and keeps the neck and head from sweating and wetting thus giving the inevitable neck pain when you wake up.

This is one of the very few bamboo engineered pillows available and is just what the Doctor ordered for you to leave neck pains to the past.

Bamboo is a natural product hence anything natural should be good and if it is one that is going to support one of the most important parts of your anatomy would be good for you.

# 09 -- Dream Supreme Plus Gel Fiber – Filled Pillow

Dream Supreme Plus Gel Fiber – Filled Pillow
Dream Supreme Plus Gel Fiber – Filled Pillow

This pillow with Gel Fiber is soft when pressed and has great loft and does not shift when pressed. It would always retain it’s shape and is soft providing good support to the neck curves between the shoulder and ears through the neck.

This comes in a set of two King sized pillows giving you the choice of using one for the neck and the other to support any part of your body that needs a lift to keep the spine or back bone as straight as possible.

A pillow with a difference and one that would suit any types of sleepers, whether you are a back sleeper, a stomach sleeper or a side sleeper due to the rich materials that are used to manufacture this.

The Gel Fiber with which these pillows are filled keeps any head or neck in the right alignment with the rest of the body.

It is supported with a one year limited warranty allowing you to have blissful nights’ everyday without neck pains in the morning.

The pillow is hypoallergenic and is machine washable giving years of comfortable sleep and free from the vagaries of neck pains.

Neck pains could be very nasty and waking up with one is the worst situation you could be in when you have lined up a busy day, which would be ruined no doubt.

# 08 -- Sleep Joy ViscoFresh Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep Joy Visco Fresh Memory Foam Pillow
Sleep Joy Visco Fresh Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow is ideal for those who sweat profusely at night as it is naturally ventilated allowing the free flow of fresh cool air keeping the neck warm thus preventing neck pains.

Ideal for either back sleepers or side sleepers and is just the pillow you would need to get that tired neck to bed and rest it on a smart pillow. Most of the ingredients used are plant based and natural giving that comfort you would need to sleep.

The soft Memory foam used and the green tea texture gives out a fresh smooth odor and the open cell technology provides the sleeper a comfortable night’s sleep.

This anti snoring pillow would rest the neck in the right position, providing the correct position for breathing to be smooth and to prevent any closure of the nose that causes snoring.

A snoring sleeping partner could be a very uncomfortable situation as you would not be able to get half the sleep you would want to.

Hence buying your partner a pillow that would help the situation would be a great idea and another way of saying you care.

If the neck is well supported without strain on the breathing, then the person is going to have a good night’s sleep and with that you too.

Made with 100% polyester nano tex cool fabric it would cradle your neck in the exact position you would want it to and that is the secret to stop someone from snoring.

# 07 -- Tri-Core Cervical Pillow

Tri-Core Cervical Pillow
Tri-Core Cervical Pillow

This Tri Core cervical support pillow is ideal for children and teens. It helps their little necks to be supported well when they toss and turn in bed whilst asleep.

Being a cervical pillow it provides optimum neck and back alignment giving sleepers the right alignment that their spine needs when in sleep.

The high quality fiber used is very resilient and bounces back when pressed and let go, this feature allows sleeper’s necks to be supported whichever way they would turn.

Whatever neck size or weight of neck you would have this pillow would wrap around your neck and comfort it to provide you the ideal sleep you need.

The neck is a very important part of our body and within the small area that it connects our head with the rest of the body makes it that much more special.

We all need to keep our necks properly aligned when we sleep and when it is not we could end up with many side effects like neck pains, back aches and even headaches.

These would generally be in the mornings after you are wake and no amount of medication would give you relief until you change your pillow.

Finding the best pillow for side sleepers is very important and doing it with much thought is important too.

# 06 -- SleepBetter Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow

SleepBetter Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow
SleepBetter Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow

This pillow is versatile it accommodates any sleeping position, whether you are a back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper.

It would give your neck the right comfort and wrap around it to give you the warmth your neck needs during the night.

This pillow can be crushed but nothing untoward would happen as it would come back to it’s original shape, which allows your head and neck too, to be well supported.

Filled with the richest quality micro denier gel fiber, it is machine washable and is hypoallergenic making it the ideal pillow for those with various allergies.

This pillow is “Made in USA” and hence has quality written all over it. It is always advisable to pick up the pillow you want from a reputed brand with a good warranty because they are tried and tested with research to find the ideal pillow for different sleeping positions.

# 05 -- SleepBetter Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

SleepBetter ISO Cool Pillow: Best cooling pillow ever
SleepBetter ISO Cool Pillow: Best cooling pillow ever

This is one of the few pillows which carry the proud “Made in USA” tag and is made of 100% good rich local cotton. Cotton is good for the body because it is a natural product and keeps the neck cool and comfortable.

It is Visco Elastic Memory Foam filled and “Made in USA” absorbs heat and keeps the neck area warm but ventilated to allow fresh air to flow through and give the neck the right temperature.

It can absorb heat from the body and then release it to provide the right temperature which would give your neck that cool feeling when you are fast asleep.

It is a really cool pillow and the best cooling pillow ever for side sleepers and just the one to get your well deserved sleep that we all crave about.

Pillows keep us comfortable in bed and having pillows to keep every part of your body would not be a bad idea after all as you need to spend your sleeping hours in super comfort to wake up well.

# 04 -- Five Star Down Alternative Pillow

Five Star Down Alternative Pillow
Five Star Down Alternative Pillow

Made of Ultra Soft fiber that would keep firm always and would not flat out. The fiber would always stay in place and would provide the right contours for the neck to be supported well and comfortably giving the sleeper a good night’s sleep.

This pillow is machine washable and the cover is made of 100% high quality rich cotton, which would last a long time and would be as new every time it is washed.

A 300 thread count with a window pane jacguard pattern adds to the versatility of this wonderful pillow and is sure to give you that lovely soft feeling when you place your head on it for a well deserved sleep.

The pillow is ideal for anyone with allergies as it is hypoallergenic and gives years of comfortable sleep and would keep you away from necks pains forever.

It is backed by a one year warranty and has been one of the most popular pillows for use in average homes across the United States.

The consumer laws in the US are quite rigid to protect the consumer hence get all information about a product before you purchase the right pillow for your type of sleeping.

# 03 -- Good Life Essentials Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Good Life Essentials Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
Good Life Essentials Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

This is a special pillow that is “dust mite” resistant and also machine washable. This gives years of clean use as you could frequently wash it and keep it clean without bad smells emanating or with “dust mites” keeping you company at night.

Dust mites are allergic to many and this pillow resisting dust mite is also hypoallergenic.

This provides years of clean use and when washed is as new as it could be. It also carries an unprecedented FIVE year warranty.

Shredded Memory Foam gives you better air circulation to keep the neck and head at the right temperature right throughout the night.

The Certi-Pur US certified foam is guaranteed as “Made in USA” and carries a 100% guarantee that it is native to this country.

The Shredded Memory Foam is soft an alluring and just fits your head right into the super soft giving your neck the idea position for a good night’s sleep.

The Bamboo cover in King size is unique and is a very popular buy for many and has been popular for its versatility in providing comfortable sleep for those who have always tossed in bed.

# 02 -- Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Best Memory Foam Pillow For Neck Pain - Coop Home Goods Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow
Best Memory Foam Pillow For Neck Pain - Coop Home Goods Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow

The Shredded Memory Foam pillow is very soft and wraps around the neck of the sleeper and is suitable for all sleeping positions.

It is also adjustable to be firm or soft which brings a new dimension to sleeping. Removing or adding Shredded Memory Foam you could select the right firmness or softness you need.

The Memory Foam used is virgin and not cuts and ends from other manufactured items in our factory. We use only the best and everything that goes into our pillows is quality checked and passed before it reaches you.

The adjustable pillow should allow you the freedom to select the quantity of Shredded Memory Foam that you would require in the pillow.

You could either fill or remove the foam to exactly adjust just to fit your neck.

The cover is made of the highest quality Polyester and Bamboo which makes the pillow the softest option for a healthy morning after.

It is certified for all types of sleepers whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper this pillow would adjust and conform to every position you would toss around. Particularly this pillow is also our best memory foam pillow for neck pain, because of its firmness and adjustable height.

It is easy to care and is dust mite resistant with the ability to keep it clean by machine washing it as and when you would want to.

It has a 30 day money back guarantee which makes it a very viable option to take it home and try it out and if you are not satisfied return with no questions asked.

# 01 -- ComfyComfy Buckwheat Pillow

comfycomfy buckwheat pillow
comfycomfy buckwheat pillow

In our previous article - "Best Buckwheat Pillow for Side Sleepers" we introduced the this pillow already. Made by Mennonite women who have been traditionally sewing and they have brought this very finely crafted product which is a very good pillow to prevent neck pain.

The uniqueness of this product is it is completed with filling and sewing by a husband and wife team keeping old traditions still alive.

Washed without the aid of chemicals or fumigants this pillow would last a long time as it is made of high grade Buckwheat hulls, encased in a strong 100% cotton twill native to the USA.

This is a very high grade product and would give the sleeper a very comfortable sleep as the Buckwheat would adjust into the contours of the neck and head.

Which would provide the neck good all round support and prevent neck pains as the Buckwheat is a good tried and tested material for pillows.

This product is special and is handmade and a family run business hence extra care is taken to ensure that only the best reaches you.

Before you go to bed, you can adjust the pillow just how you would want it and arrange the Buckwheat and climb into bed a satisfied soul and rest assured for a good night’s sleep.

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