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Travel Pillow for Airplanes – Perfect Posture’s Travel Pillow Review

A Saviour for Travellers

Travel Pillow for Airplanes

Perfect Posture's new design travel pillow
Perfect Posture's new design travel pillow

Are you always busy traveling internationally for your business or your job? Then you know that regular business trips abroad and long travel have a harmful effect on your lower back and neck portion. Sitting in a cramped chair for long period in a stuffy environment creates problems related to your muscle. This particular affects the back of a traveler. On a business trip where efficiency is the key to success, being affected by acute back pain is the worst that can happen. Luckily, for such traveler, we have a wonderful travel pillow product. These luxurious travel pillows will allow the traveler to calm down and relax. Now the traveler can have a pleasant and comfortable journey while on an airplane by using these travel pillow for airplanes. As this specific neck pillow is manufactured by Perfect posture so, it is also known as Perfect posture’s new design travel pillow.


This perfect posture’s new design travel pillow has gained huge popularity since their introduction. Across the world, travelers are using them while traveling in an airplane. The comfort and pleasure it provides to a traveler while at sleep is sure to draw the attention of the sleep-deprived travelers.
To get a clear picture as to why people are more comfortable using these perfect posture new design travel pillows while traveling instead of other such products, go through the following points:

  • Best travel companion: The pillow has proved to be the best in serving a voyager get a sound nap on cramped plane cabins. This is because of the premium quality foam used to make the pillow. You may wake up in a restless state if you fall asleep in an awkward position. Normal pillows are not capable of preventing such a situation. However, the 360-degree head, neck and chin support provided by this neck pillow prevents such situation. This is because the neck pillow clings around the neck. The foam molds to the shape of your neck and provide the ultimate cushion to your head and neck when you are deep asleep. The pillow can be adjusted according to the travelers need. So, you can make it loose or cozy as you need. Whether you tilt to the side or lean back, the neck pillow cradles your head giving you the complete protection.

    Perfect Posture neck pillow makes your travel comfortable
    Perfect Posture neck pillow makes your travel comfortable
  • Comfort: The pillow uses angel soft fabric and cool tech mesh which feels wonderful to your neck and head. The cool tech meshes increase air flow and do not get hot even when it is being used. The foam used is comfortable yet firm and provide the support your head and neck needs while on a journey.
  • Hygiene quotient: The best part of the pillow is that it can be washed and dried in your machine hence it remains void of germs. The cushions have a removable cover. You do not necessarily use your hands but rather use your washing machine for a hot water wash and get it rotation dried. It would appear to you as a brand new pillow. Just remember, choose to dry on low heat for a softer support. You can even air dry to get a firmer support and high-quality comfort.
  • Anywhere Usable: Besides traveling it can be well utilized in your home. You can perfectly use it for soothing purpose in your home, be it your couch or while you are reading in your bed, it offers enormous comfort and keeps your head and neck relaxed for long. For several medical issues, it can also be used to sleep upright in bed.
  • Style Quotient: The pillow is not only comfortable but is also designed to make a style statement. It is an ideal mix of comfort and style and hence is an obvious choice for every new age nomad.

Material Quality:


Perfect Posture chooses Quality Materials
Perfect Posture chooses Quality Materials

This travel pillow for airplanes is made of high-quality material. Unlike the less expensive travel pads which are made of a nylon material or spandex covering, the material used in these pillows are hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and hospital grade material. The hypo-allergenic feature prevents dust mite infestation. Polyester, Polyester Pellets, Microbeads, and foam are some of the hypo-allergenic materials. Foams are also of different types. The foam used is never flat memory foam that enables the pillow to take any shape so that the head and neck of the traveler is covered. Some of the materials that are used are discussed below:


  • Velour: It is a knitted fabric like velvet. It is normally made of cotton but can also be made of polyester. It is a knit fabric with the cut pile. It is a stretchy material.
  • Velvet: Velvet is a woven fabric. It is made of polyester, rayon and/or silk. This material is primarily used to give a soft and cozy feeling.
  • Memory Foam: Adjustable foam filling is considered as the best or most sumptuous travel pad filling. Memory/adjustable foam are to a great degree compressible, and higher quality adjustable foam will come back to its default shape quickly when decompressed.
  • Microbeads: Most Microbeads are class polystyrene circles - basically little dabs of Styrofoam. Microbeads are non-lethal and are capable of weakening clean bugs and different allergens, making them a straight pick for sensitivity inclined travelers.


There are many advantages of using these pillows. Neck woe is just a single of the many purposes behind use.

  • Safeguarding your health: Safeguard from neck related agony is the major advantage of these pillows. The neck suffering also impacts the respiratory functioning and may result in a severe headache and respiratory issues. These are the ideal pillow to give you relief from health issues like tension headaches and neck pain that interfere with your comfort and productivity. In the long run, use of these pillows safeguards you from health problems like neck injuries, arthritis, and snoring.
  • Portable: These pillows are compact and petite in size and can be easily carried on the baggage pack during your prolonged tours.
  • Strong Neck Support: The 360-degree head, neck and chin support provided by this neck pillow prevents any awkward situation. The neck pillow clings around the neck and remains protected from any neck injury even when you have dosed off in an awkward position.
  • Firm: The flexible foam used in these pillows keeps the neck straight.

However, amidst the good points the pillow has one trivial issue:

Some travelers have experienced air spillage issue. A little modification on this product would be beneficial for the users.

Therefore, the end of the story is that it will be the best option for anyone looking for comfort as the major priority. A worrisome travel becomes quite relieving with a proper sleep that doesn’t strain your mind and body; this travel pillow for airplanes gives the right relaxation with proper posture positioning.

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