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Core Products Tri-Core Cervical Comfort Zone Pillow Review

How is Tri-core Cervical Comfort Zone Pillow?

Tri-core Cervical Comfort Zone Pillow
Tri-core Cervical Comfort Zone Pillow

Tri-Core Cervical Comfort Zone Pillow is a product from the United States of America by Core products, the name is a result of the trapezoid design at the center of the pad thus "tri-core." When using this pillow you will forget all issues associated with a not so comfortable and relaxing night, forget about kicking off your bed covers due to high temperatures in your bed, and no more chilly nights thanks to this pillow.

The Beginning of Tri-core Cervical Comfort Zone Pillow

The original purpose for the Tri-core cervical pillow was to facilitate quick recovery in patients who had wounds and also orthopedic patients who had muscles and joint pain from sleeping positions that weren't right for them. The pillow, later on, was one of the common choices for anyone who was looking to find a good night's sleep.


The design can be suspicious at a glance, but sleeping on it, is an unforgettable experience. The pillow has a trapezoid center, and there are two neck support lobes which support the neck and cushions the head.

This pillow however, is the highest quality pad available for cervical support, it is machine washable and hypoallergenic, and it also provides a sense of better and, improved pillow life plus a taste of freshness, designed carefully for a good night's sleep.

This pillow has anti-microbial fiber and highly resistant to the growth of bacteria and any other harmful irritants. The tri core is highly recommended by doctors, pain experts and physiotherapists due to its ability to align the cervical spine properly and supporting the neck within its natural posture.

This fabulous pillow is available in 2 sizes and 2 firmness for anyone one who might be interested in this unique luxurious item. People who have side sleeping and back sleeping habits find this pillow useful. On another note, this item is made up of high-quality and durable materials for perfect functionality, it is, therefore, regularly asked for by individuals.

Outlast technology
Outlast interacts with your body to help balance temperature by absorbing, storing and releasing heat.

The Tri-core Cervical Comfort Zone pillow has a high-resilience fiberfill springs for exceptional durability and comfort. The stripe-patterned covers have a fancy, costly look and feel; experts say that it is a long-lasting pillow, this pillow will conserve proper neck support plus better comfort throughout the headrest's life.

There are two firmness options for this product. Those people who want a rigid and complete support system, the standard cervical pillow is an ideal choice. However, if you need one that is more of a hotel-like softness pillow, the one to choose is the gentle support option. They both consist of the same durable and high-quality materials with outstanding designs. The gentle support comes with less stuffing; therefore, it gives more to pressure as compared to the standard pillow.

Other features include the measurements, which is 24 inches by 16 inches and will fit a standard pillow case.

More specifications for the Tri-core Cervical Comfort Zone pillow:

  • Shape: These pillows come in different designs; there is trapeze fixed, V-shaped, the contour and those that have a wedge extension pillows, to support the upper backbone. However, it all depends on individual preferences. If you are a sleeper who sleeps sideways, look for a pillow that its side-sleeping side does not let you slip your spine to the middle while you are slumbering, or let your neck be tilted either up or down.
  • Size: These pillows come in different sizes, large, medium and small. At times the size depends on the space that is on the side of your shoulder and the side of your neck, in some cases it all depends on the dimensions of the bed.
  • Material: Some cervical pillows have memory foam; some have polyester fiber and others with form. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. However, some individuals say that reminiscence form is not ideal, because when you sleep the pillow gets thick, your head sinks into the pillow, reducing back alignment. The form feels harder than the polyester, but it will take care of your neck a bit better.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: One significant advantage that comes along with this pillow is that it is comfortable, you will have a great night sleep that you hadn't had in years, with this pillow. Some people have even found out that they don't need medications for muscle relaxants or any form of sleeping pills after using this item for a couple of days. For years to come this pillow will be a constant bed companion.
  • Cons: It might take a while for you to get used to the Cervical pillow; to mean that this pillow is at work, restoring the standard curvature as you sleep. There is nothing wrong with your pillow; the chances are that there can be something wrong with your neck. Anyway, that is why you acquired the pillow, to begin with, right? With the pillow, you can sleep on your back and wake up in the same position with the neck support. You will also find that these items are expensive to buy.


This cervical pillow may not be entirely comfortable when you first try it out, some areas of your ears will be a little bit sore in the morning and some pressure in the skull base. However, you will notice that your neck pain is greatly relieved and if you keep on using the pillow even after the neck pains are gone, you will eventually see that your spine is getting straighter. Doctors highly recommend this pillow, and for that reason, the pillows benefits are in full reflect.

If you wake up in the morning with a painful back or stiff neck, you should get this pillow and try to see if it will help you out. As for the price, will you buy something which is of a less quality just because it has a lower price tag? I don't think so. These pillows are the best quality of therapeutic pillows; they offer firm support for your head, neck, and shoulders which are ideal when sleeping. However, it is always a good investment to invest in yourself and the more energetic and active you are the better you ought to be. By the help of this Tri-core Cervical Comfort Zone pillow, your spinal alignment will improve as well as your sleep comfortability.

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